Company History

Snowlite, a renowned brand under Snowlite Electrical UK Limited, England, UK, is widely accepted in the electrical industry. Since its inception in 2006, the brand has a strong presence in Europe, Middle East, CIS and Africa. The production facilities in Turkey, India and China satisfy the British Standards and are popular for their quality and durability. Snowlite’s advanced R&D team has introduced meaningful innovations to improve the standard of living in both emerging and developed markets. The team has played a substantial role in making Snowlite a global leader in electrical products


We take it as our mission to keep our clients at the top of our priorities in order to achieve 100% satisfaction.

•  We strive to grow a supportive and responsive work environment to enhance the relationship between the clients, employees, management and shareholders.

•  It is in our mission to embrace innovation into our products and services while supporting green initiatives for a better tomorrow.


As a leader in the electrical domain, we aspire towards enhancing the quality of life by raising the industry standards in product quality.

•  It is in our vision to contribute to a greener tomorrow by integrating eco-friendly innovation into our services.

•  We seek to raise the moral standards of the industry through a sustainable and nurturing work environment


We owe our success to our skilled, well-coordinated and highly organized team dedicated to serve our ever growing client base.

The multinational staff is lead by our management with over 20 years of expertise in the industry. The entire team proves itself to its patrons and shareholders again this year, through record sales and turnover figures.