insect killers


Specially treated UV-A tube with 365nm wave length for best attraction.


High voltage inner grid for instant killing.


Large collection tray for easy cleaning.


Suspending change provided for ceiling


The UVA lights go through the side holes for larger attraction.

ABS fire-proof material for high safety.

For easy suspending. Hidden when not suspended

Made form aluminum alloy. Smooth, shinning and oil-proof. It’s beautiful and easy to clean.

High quality UV-A light with 365 NM for best attraction to flying insects. Produced by full-automatic production line for high stable quality.

Robust for high safety, strict GS standard.

Strict GS standard for high safety, releases high voltage to kill flying insects with 100% killing rate. High voltage with low current high safety to human and pets.

For easy cleaning and convenient use.

SNC-162x8w33x10x26.3cm80 m2
SNC-202x10w38x10x26.3cm100 m2
SNC-302x15w48.4x10x31.1cm150 m2
SNC-402x20w63.5x10x31.1cm200 m2

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