led bulbs


Better Efficiency, Lesser power consumption

Temperature and Corrosion resistant

Light weight , No dark Zones

Constant power supply, no noise & stroboscopic

High luminous efficiency, 50% energy Saving compared to conventional lamps

Longer life - Up to 10 times better life compared to traditional lamps

No radiation, Ultraviolet & Infra Red free

SNLB-3W-E2745X82mmE27/E22SMD 2835225 lm3000k - 6000k
SNLB-5W-E2755x103mmE27/E22SMD 2835400 lm3000k - 6000k
SNLB-7W-E2760x110mmE27/E22SMD 2835560 lm3000k - 6000k
SNLB-9W-E2760x110mmE27/E22SMD 2835720 lm3000k - 6000k
SNLB-10W-E2765x118mmE27/E22SMD 2835800 lm3000k - 6000k
SNLB-12W-E2770x125mmE27/E22SMD 2835960 lm3000k - 6000k
SNLB-14W-E2780x138mmE27/E22SMD 28351120 lm3000k - 6000k
SNLB-13W-E2755x103mmE27/E22SMD 28351105 lm3000k - 6000k
SNLB-15W-E2760x110mmE27/E22SMD 28351275 lm3000k - 6000k
SNLB-18W-E2760x110mmE27/E22SMD 28351530 lm3000k - 6000k

Energy Rating​

It is worthwhile to invest in our high-quality LED bulbs which produce a more desirable lighting effect and last longer than cheap bulbs.